Services - BrightSide LED
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Our simple, 6 step process

Step 1. Analysis

We meet with you on-site to review the quality and cost of your current lighting, working closely with you to determine recommended improvements.

Step 2. Lighting Plan

Taking your desires into consideration, our professionals design a light plan taking into account technical specifications such as beam angle, light distribution and intensity.

Step 3. Customized Fixtures or Retrofitting

Your lighting needs take precedence over products. We find the most suitable, affordable fixtures with the highest quality of components, maintaining our independence from manufacturers.

Step 4. Lighting-as-a-Service

This program provides you with a true No Capital Investment opportunity to convert over to LED.

Step 5. Installation

BrightSide LED takes care of installation, working with one of our licensed, professional installation teams. With far-reaching warranties and our Industry-First insurance policy we take responsibility for materials, electricity use, and proper installation.

Step 6. Maintenance

BrightSide LED is responsible for your lighting. Throughout the contract or warranty, we take care of all maintenance. Materials and labor are included.