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Industry First: Insurance-backed savings guarantee

To prove our long-term dedication to our clients, we provide a third-party insurance policy to enhance the guarantees promised by our No Capital Cost LED Service program.

No Capital Investment – we pay for the conversion with zero client investment.

No Credit Check Required – no required personal or corporate credit checks, simply provide two years of P&L and Balance Sheets for approval.

Keeping the Savings – Our clients typically keep 60%-70% of the energy savings after the conversion.

No Personal or Corporate Guarantees – since there is no loan or lease, no personal or corporate guarantee is required.


Guaranteed Savings – if the savings are not equal or more than what we proposed, we will offset the difference to ensure the proposed savings.


We Service the Equipment – throughout the entire 5-7 year term, we service the equipment and eliminate any current and future maintenance or labor cost.

Advanced Lighting
and Controls

Better Lights – improve both the quality and energy efficiency of your lighting.

Dynamic Controls – manage your lighting levels throughout the day to improve productivity and save more energy.

Ongoing Optimization with
No Extra Cost

Hassle-Free Maintenance – never worry about issues with lighting system performance.

Ongoing Service – ensure the system achieves energy savings and outperforms expectations.

Projected Savings

What You Earn

Profit per Month from Net Savings (Pre-Tax)

For How Long

60 months
Service Plan Length

Your Upfront Cost