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Welcome to BrightSide LED’s No Capital Lighting-as-a-Service program. We look forward to working with you!


In order to qualify for your Lighting-as-a-Service Agreement, we require you to submit the last 2 years of income statements & balance sheets. We do not require CPA or third-party audited financials.


Our review typically takes 24-48 hours. We will be contacting you with next steps in the near future. Do not hesitate to phone or email your BrightSide LED representative with questions. Its a simple and client friendly process…its Simply Brilliant!

Commercial Application
Congratulations on taking the next step towards becoming more energy efficient!
Upon completion of this Commercial Application, Brightside Capital Partners will email via DocuSign the Energy Savings Master Services Agreement for your review and electronic signature.
Once the final financial review is completed and the application is approved, we will contact you to review your final closing package--which includes details on services, payments and terms.
Company Information
Please type in your name in the box below to authorize this application form.
Primary Bank Reference
Vendor, Equipment & Finance Information
By signing above (or typing your name if completed electronically) on behalf of themselves and the applicant, the applicant and the Owners/Partners/Members agree as follows: They certify that all information provided is true, correct and complete and that the property leased or acquired with any credit provided will be used solely for business and commercial purposes. Providing email addresses authorizes BrightSide Capital Partners, LLC to email information about financing, promotions, and other offers. The applicant and the Owners/Partners/Members of the applicant listed above authorize BrightSide Capital Partners, LLC or its designee to investigate their organizational credit histories. This includes obtaining information from third parties in the credit evaluation and collection processes, and updating any such information periodically and, if the application for credit is approved, sharing such information with financing partners and professional advisors.